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Yorkshire Dales Glamping at Little Seed Field has been recognised and accredited as a dark skies venue. We are ideally located to offer up the wonders of the night sky.


As a dark sky site, we offer stays to cater for those enthusiasts looking to enjoy the splendour of the galaxies. With a south facing hillside location and our distance from light pollution Little Seed Field is the perfect location for star gazing.

We are proud to be part of the dark skies community and the various dark skies festivals held throughout the UK. We have a variety of events during the year, where we will have an expert on site, with talks and workshops to help you fully enjoy the night sky and discover more about the solar system and beyond.

Also at Yorkshire Dales Glamping, you can organise you own event, we have additional equipment and guidance to help make your star gazing fun and informative. Of course all our events are subject to the weather.

Want to know when our Dark Skies festivals and events are on, then get in touch by emailing us at or call 01756 658232.

Observatory stargazing

Not far from the site is the Lime Tree Observatory in Grewelthorpe, first opened to the public in 2016. It is one of a number of educational attractions as well as a large 24 inch telescope and dome. The telescope allows observers to keep any desired object in view for long periods of time.

Adjacent to the observatory room itself is a small presentation area fitted with a large screen and a sound system.


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