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Our eco status – nature as our unique selling point…

Our sustainability mission is to provide our guests with an authentic glamping experience in nature.  Our cabins are modern, warm and cosy and are nestled into the landscape, with the surrounding natural flora and fauna being able to return and regrow around them.

There are heaps of places on site to explore, all of which are provided naturally by our landscape.  We have ponds, wildflowers, nature areas and wild ancient woodland.  Our site is teaming with wildlife; butterflies, birds, deer, bats, hedgehogs and birds of prey, all here because this is their natural habitat.

We do not have hot tubs (sorry, not sorry), here’s why:  you only need to do a quick Google search to find the environmental impacts of hot tubs...not just the power required, or the excessive use of water, but the list of chemicals required to keep you safe when using them: bromine, chlorine, PH regulator, alkaline regulator...we believe the world around us has so much to offer without the need for motors and jets and bubbles to entertain us.

We have on site waste collection for both general waste and recyclable waste and really appreciate our guests separating their rubbish wherever possible.  We aim to use eco-friendly products for cleaning and supplying our cabins, using biodegradable waste bin liners and ecover hand soaps.

Our Yorkshire Dales glamping site is in a Dark Sky Reserve.  We take our role in helping to protect our dark skies seriously.  We have limited outside lighting and use solar wherever we can.  Inside, our cabins are illuminated just enough, with soft fairy lights or dimmable lights.

What you won’t find here is manicured grounds or cabins all squashed next to each other – what you will find is wild fun and outdoor adventure (oh and we do have water flushing toilets and hot water for a proper shower)!

Superior Ensuite