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Joanne blogging

A little seed is sown…

Posted on 11 May 2017

My first blog of 2017 and my first blog EVER for this exciting new venture!

As I write, my young boys are tucked away in bed and my dairy farming husband snoozes on the sofa. We have been working on Little Seed Field for over 10 months now and are just drawing near to completing everything in time for our grand opening. I’m excited.

The concept of having a camping/cabin/caravan site on the farm has been around for years, Grandma Dorothy even ran a small 5 pitch Caravan Club site here for a while. I hear tales about her making friends with all her guests – inviting them in to the farm house for tea, cake and conversation. In that regard I feel I have a lot to live up to. I’m a traditionalist at heart I guess.

There’s nothing I would love more than to be that farming wife – a home at the heart of the farm and a family life that enabled us all to be together more. The dairy farm was never going to sustain that for us – times are not what they were and our remote location means work is a long commute away for me.

The project manager in me has always seen so much potential here…but my husband doesn’t have much time for dreams and concepts: “if you want to do something just get on with it. Or forget it”. From there on a little seed had been sown and I knew if I didn’t do it I would never be granted the permission to dwell on should have/would have’s. That’s life here.

So, Little Seed Field is a symbol for me – a symbol of going after what you want in life. A symbol of the future is what you make it. A symbol of hope, that one day this little seed will grow to support me being able to be the farming wife I long to be.

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